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Honey & Jolene 1

If you are into scat eating and puking you're gonna love this video. Jolene is kinda constipated so Honey gives her an enema. After this Jolene shits out a huge turd and the full thing is eaten by Honey. This upsets her stomach of course so she has to puke and she does this on Jolene's face. When the puking's done they get into some very erotic poop and puke smearing. Watch the full 75 minute lesbian shit and puke video inside our member section.

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Denisa Heaven & Laura 2

Denisa Heaven & Laura in their second piss and shit movie, showing lesbian human toileting at its best.

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Annabelle Lee & Jolene

Annabelle Lee & Jolene in an incredibly dirty lesbian piss, shit & puke fest.

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Vicky & Denisa Heaven

Vicky & Denisa Heaven playing with pee and poo a little followed by long intense anal masturbation by Vicky, with lots of yummie yummie ass to mouth sickness.

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Jolene's Self Shit Dinner

Jolene is home alone and enjoying her dinner. When she finished her plate she feels horny and gets on the bed with her vibrator and the thought of what's on the menu arouses her that much that she doesn't need much efforts to come hard. After that she's ready for dessert. She shits on her plate, sprays whipped cream on top of it, and eats the exotic mixture. Then she gets sick and pukes out the shit, and covers herself in the puke. After that she gives herself an enema and plays with the expelled water.

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Honey's Lesbian Shit Dinner

This is the video many LezPoo fans have been waiting for... finally we found another beautiful model eager to eat the fresh shit straight from the ass of another girl. In this video the supplier of the warm meal is super porn star Denisa Heaven and Honey is the one enjoying the dinner. After the main plate it's time for dessert; Honey inserts milk into Denisa's ass where it's changed into something that looks like chocolate milk. Denisa expels the brown milk straight into Honey's mouth and all over her face and sexy outfit.

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Tina Kay's Lesbian Shit Bath

Watch supermodel Tina Kay getting pissed and shit on, and enjoying rolling in the piss and shit and rubbing her face in it. She gives an enema to Rafaella who expells the sweetness on Tina's head. After all the boring glamour work she has done in the past few years, Tina is delighted to explore her hidden scat fetish and she's obviously having the time of her life. She does a lot of dirty talking to the camera and confesses: "I really feel like a no-limit slut, and you know what? I love it".

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Honey & Ming 1

Ming talks Honey into trying out several fetishes, starting with nylon and latex play, spitting and pissing. Then Ming convinces Honey that's it's totally alright not taking off her pantyhose before doing a shit and this where the real fun begins. They smear the mixture of piss and shit all over their bodies and then Ming gets quite rough on Honey and rubs her face and hair in the pool of piss and shit. After that Honey licks up the shit from the floor and spits it out all over Ming's body. In this video beautiful girls, erotica and scat fetish come together. This isn't the grossest video we made so far but it's definitely our most erotic one.

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Honey 1

This is our newest scat and puke model Honey. In her first video she expels one of the biggest turds ever seen in scat porn.
She fucks the turd with her pretty baby face and then smears the shit on her body, her face, and in her hair.

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Jolanda & Daisy 1

Jolanda getting pissed and shit on by Daisy and having a great time smearing the piss and shit all over her body, in her face and in her hair.

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Carmen & Kirsten 2

The two nasty blondes playing dirty games with each other again. Carmen talks Kirsten into eating her own shit,
rinsing it down with a gallon of Carmen's piss, puking everything out, eating it again, puking it out again, eating it again.
This is what turns Kirsten on, she comes screaming and squirting twice.

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Rhonda 3

Rhonda stuffing her tight little ass with anal balls and shitting them out together with a little chunk of shit, then cleaning out her bowel by a milk enema.

Carmen & Kirsten 1

New LezPoo models Carmen and Kirsten in a lesbian piss drinking and puke and poop eating fest, all in widescreen!

Cathy 1

"I don't know what's going to happen because I haven't been to the toilet for a long time" is what she says when she starts fucking her ass with a dildo. Soon after that things get messy but she continues dildoing her ass, then she takes a poo, after which she continues fucking her ass with the dildo again.

Gita & Cynthia Vellons

Gita and Cynthia Vellons having fun in the bathtub by giving each other enemas.

Nikita & Ellen

Nikita drinks a bowl of Ellen's piss, then she drinks a bowl of her own piss, then she pukes out the piss back into the bowl and covers herself with the puke.

Carla 1

Carla fingerfucking her pussy and anus, then shitting and eating some of the shit, and puking.

Sonja 1

Sonja pissing and shitting in her pantyhose.

Elvira 5

Elvira again pooping the way only she can poop and after that making her turd all wet and shiny by spitting on it.

Elvira 4

Elvira being all hot and horny and having to go for a shit (she's about to burst!) first doing some vaginal and anal dildoing with some messy ass to cunt pleasure, then she can't hold any longer and expels a big long turd.

Elvira 3

After doing another food play shoot for Femanic.com, Elvira pukes out the content of her stomach again. Then she smears the puke all over her body, in her armpits, on her pussy, and she rubs her face in the puke. This is a supermodel rolling in her own vomit, you won't believe it until you watched this video!

Rhonda 2

Beautiful Rhonda taking a good old plain shit, with a lot of farting.

Rhonda 1

New LezPoo model Rhonda puking and playing with it.

Carla & Sonja 3

These two shitty girls keep getting dirtier and dirtier. After Sonja fist-fucks Carla into an orgasm it's piss, shit and puke time again, and Sonja consumes one of Carla's fresh warm turd.

Carla & Sonja 2

Natalia Forest 2

Natalia Forest talking dirty and expelling a few incredibly large turds.

free Natalia Forest photos and videos

Natalia Forest 1

Natalia Forest dumping a huge turd in a field.

free Natalia Forest photos and videos

Sheila 1

Sheila the fairy in boots drinking her own piss, then shitting for you.

Carla & Sonja 1

These are probably the hottest lesbian scat and barf scenes ever. Watch Carla and Sonja fucking each other, licking each other, shitting and vomiting on each other, drinking each other's piss and eating each other's poop.

Member D.H. wrote: would just like to say, FANTASTIC UPDATES!!!! Lezpoo is definately back on top form, especially with Sonja and Carla vids. I love the dirty talk from the blonde one (unsure if she is Sonja or Carla), would love to see more dirty talk in the future! Also love their British accents. Keep up the excellent updates!

Veronika 1

See Veronika in her first test shoot, trying hard to prove that she's a cheap nasty shit whore and that she could do the job. She immediately starts off with some dirty talk, then pisses through her panties, followed by expelling a huge turd.

Veronika 2

Here's Veronica again. Her definition of a picknick is shoving food up her ass, expelling it in a bowl, eating it, vomiting it out in the bowl again and eating it again. She must be into recycling?

Veronika & Agnetha

Swedish fashion model Agnetha told us that she wanted a fantasy to be made true; getting degraded by another woman. She we let Veronika play with her for a while. Watch a cat walk mannequin getting pissed on, puked on, and shit on, and having one mental breakdown after another.

Veronika 3

Veronika is at it again. She's fucking herself up her ass using a candle. After a while she has to shit, and while continuing pounding her anus with the candle, she just lets her pee and poo flow.


Give Angela a bowl of yogurt and a mirror and before you know it she'll be rolling in her own saliva, piss and vomit.

An-Lee 1

This photo-series shows An-Lee drinking her own piss from a bowl and then eating her own shit straight from her own ass.

Member J.B. wrote: I must say that I do very much love your site, especially An-Lee. My favorite of her is the picture series of her shitting and then pushing her shit in her pussy, that has got to be the hottest thing I've ever seen.

watch the full photo series

An-Lee 2

What comes in has to come out again; after we photographed An-Lee eating her own shit, she gets sick and pukes all over herself. Then she gathers the puke from the floor, puts it in a bowl, eats the puke, and vomits again. This is beautiful An-Lee getting completely wasted.

An-Lee 3

In this video she is dressed up like the whore she really is, filling a bowl with a lot of piss and then expelling a very long turd.

An-Lee 4

Shove a laxative tablet up a pretty woman's ass, make her lying upside down, and this is what you get.

An-Lee 5

An-Lee in a white dress in the bath tub, pooping in the water.

An-Lee 6

An-Lee lying upside down shitting on herself, then playing with it and rolling in it.

An-Lee 7

An-Lee pissing and shitting and puking on herself.

Jane & Joyce

Jane and Joyce expelling milk on each other's heads and Jane eating some of Joyce's fresh poop.


Yvonne gives herself a milk enema. When expelling, along with the milk comes some little chunks of poo. She doesn't care, she licks up the milk, with the poo.

Elvira 1

We are famous for booking fashion models for pee and poo shoots, like this Swedish beauty named Elvira. And even though fashion models are known for not eating much, they still need to shit from time to time.

Elvira 2

After eating a lot of strawberry icecream during her food play shoot for our sister site Femanic, Elvira had to puke.


Sylvia is the cheerleader type of girl. She starts with teasing you, playing the hard to get innocent angel. Then she gives herself a milk enema, and shits, with a lot of farting.


This solo scat scene is legendary. Watch the most beautiful woman ever seen in scat action, enjoying every minute of it. She puts her own poop inside her vagina, eats the poop, and pukes.

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